• Concrete 2.0

    It is made of the highest quality raw materials. Its exceptional features allow us to individualize a technological processes for each product alone. Explore it yourself. Concrete 2.0 is:

  • Light

    Fibre reinforcement added to concrete increases its strength many times over. Less material can thus be used and products with only a 15 millimetre-thick wall can be made. Products with thinner walls are much lighter than those produced in a standard way.

  • Waterproof

    Thanks to high-quality impregnation, our products can withstand long-term contact with water or other liquids such as coffee or red wine. They do not have to be treated in any special way, even during use.

  • Eco

    We process our materials with almost no waste. Production residue is always recycled to make to smaller shapes. Respect for raw materials and careful production methods prevent waste, and the proportion of material we use to the value created is more than attractive.

  • Smooth

    We achieve the highest quality by using a fine concrete mixture and applying careful, manual finishing to each part of the product. The result is beautiful concrete that is extremely fine to the touch.

  • UV stable

    Products perfectly suited for outdoor use, resistant to sunlight, rain, and other climate effects. Their colour does not deteriorate, even after all-year external use, and the surface does not need to be covered or specially treated in any way.

  • Authentic

    Thanks to the natural character of concrete, each product obtains a unique patina over time. Bubbles, spots, and micro-cracks in the surface make every piece original.


A basic concrete mixture is reinforced with glass fibre to improve its mechanical properties. Such material is then much stronger and allows to produce thinner and lighter concrete objects.
Each Gravelli product is handmade, so we can breathe into it its unique soul. To every product, an indivudal production technology has been created, using the best methods available. Thanks to this, we can guarantee the uniqueness of our products on the global level.

  • What concrete 2.0 is made of

  • Sand

  • Water

  • Fibre

  • Cement

  • Rock

  • Quality guarantee

    All Gravelli products originate in one place in Prague, while a number of controls of smoothness and quality is being carried out in it. Concrete production has many specifics and it is not easy to meet the demanding requirements. Thus we are very pleased that we can guarantee the reliability, safety and endurance of our products.
    We test the most burdened products in laboratory conditions. Thanks to the exact results of measurements we can internationally certify them and confirm their highest level.