High-strength concrete. It is cast into production molds. This type of concrete is particularly suitable for the production of thin slab elements and smaller products, for which there are very small details. For example, table tops, kitchen worktops, cladding panels with different structures, staircase steps, interior accessories. Advantages: high strength and surface resistance.


Glass-fiber-concrete. This type of concrete, unlike conventional cast mixtures, is applied to the molds by thin-layer spraying. The first coat is a very fine clean concrete mixture. Subsequent layers already contain finely chopped glass fiber, thanks to which the resulting products have several times higher flexural strength. With this technique it is possible to create shape-intensive elements that have a thin wall – and thus a significantly reduced weight compared to conventional concrete products. It is suitable, for example, for the production of reception desks, thin-walled benches and furniture, or large wall-mounted washbasins.



If we were to name the main advantage of concrete, it would be its almost limitless adaptability to form. It is possible to change shades, structures and shape solutions.

We have discovered these almost limitless possibilities for many years thanks to hundreds of original projects and assignments from architects and designers. Therefore, we have created individual mixtures and concepts of production molds, which we can correctly choose for the production of new products. In this simple configurator you can look at popular variations of colors and structures. If you are interested in an atypical solution, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the right type of concrete for your project.

Quality guarantee

At the production site in Prague, where all Gravelli products are produced, a series of controls were carried out for the continuity and quality of production. Concrete production has many specifics and it is not easy to meet its demanding requirements. We are therefore pleased to be able to guarantee the reliability, safety and durability of our products.

The products with the highest loads are tested under laboratory conditions, which, thanks to the most accurate measurement results, can be labeled with international certification confirming their highest level.


The fiber reinforcement we add to the concrete increases its strength several times. This makes it possible to use less material and produce products with a wall thickness of just 15 millimeters. Products with such thin walls are much lighter than if they were made in a standard manner.


Thanks to top impregnation, our products can handle not only water, but also coffee or red wine. Moreover, it is not necessary to treat them especially during their use.


We manage to use the material we work with, with almost no waste. Production residues are always used in smaller forms. Respect for basic raw materials and gentle production methods allow us not to waste, and our ratio of material consumption to value created is more than favorable.


The highest quality is achieved by using a fine concrete mixture and careful hand-processing of each part of the product. The result is concrete not only pleasing to the eye, but also beautifully soft to the touch.

UV stable

Products that are great for outdoor use can easily withstand direct sunlight, rain and other external influences. Even for year-round outdoor use, their color is stable and the surface does not need to be covered or specially treated.


Due to the natural character of the concrete, each product gets its unique patina over time. Bubbles, germs and micro-cracks in the surface make every piece an original.

Colours and structures of our concrete

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