Architectural materials in their most refined form.

Concrete, steel, wood and glass. For the creation of Gravelli jewelry, we primarily choose these basic architectural materials, and then introduce them in their most refined form. As in modern architecture, the texture and structure of materials play a major role. The forms of individual jewelery are therefore designed very simply, without unnecessary embellishments. They appeal to all those who are not afraid to experiment, who like originality and are not afraid of non-traditional solutions.

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Men’s collection

Due to its character, concrete and steel are also offered for the production of men’s jewelry. To be easy to wear and to be combined with different types of outfits, we have prepared them in a simple functional design. The men’s collection includes bracelets, pendants, rings and cufflinks. E-shop link.

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Original gift box

Every piece of Gravelli concrete jewelry is a handmade original. It therefore deserves a unique gift package that underlines the careful work behind its creation. For special cases, it is also possible to order the original concrete box, which is made of the same material as the jewel itself.

Handmade in Prague

In order to create jewelry that would be appreciated by customers all over the world, it was necessary to develop entirely new manufacturing techniques, including a grinding system. The craftsmanship of this jewelry is handled by a team of skillful jewelers who, thanks to their experience, can bring these non-traditional materials to perfection. With a little exaggeration, we dare say that we are one of the few concrete mixing plants that has a jewelery workshop in the middle of the hall ☺. We will be happy to show you the whole process behind the production of your new jewelry if you come for a personal visit to the store at our company’s headquarters in Prague 9.

The story of concrete jewelry

In the beginning there was a fashion show that we could call an impossible attempt – together with designer Mirek Horká, we decided to create a men’s collection of clothes that will be mostly made of concrete. As a basis, we finally decided to use high quality Italian flax, which concrete was subsequently applied to in thin layers. The first attempts did not turn out very well, as the concrete began to degrade after the slightest movement. The application for Prague Fashion Week 2013 was already filed, so there was no going back and we had to cope somehow. It was not easy for us to organize a full-fledged fashion collection of 16 models at that time, both organizationally and financially. We have therefore decided to contact several companies to support our project. All of them refused us because, for obvious reasons, this investment might have seemed like a waste of money, or worse, a path to a total fiasco. 

This situation strengthened our resolve. It wasn’t just about creating a collection and going through a show. It was more. We decided to do everything we can to create something unexpectedly great. We did not want our concrete fashion show to be seen as an attempt at a joke. That is why we have based all preparations on an uncompromising approach. The best materials and careful handicrafts when processing them. We also paid attention to the details. And that was how the first idea that we could create concrete rings for the outfit came about. The first pieces cracked almost the moment you picked them up. After several dozen attempts, we moved significantly and began to combine the concrete with a base of surgical steel, which gave it the necessary support. This was the first collection of concrete jewelery. 

The show went great and sparked interest. A little surprising was the fact that no one wanted a concrete jacket from us. Instead of this, everyone asked about concrete jewelry. At first, it was mostly minimalists and designers that were enthusiastic about the collection. After our first successes, we also introduced the new collection to architects and customers who perceived Gravelli as a brand of concrete furniture, washbasins and other architectural elements.

The collection was successful, so we decided to classify concrete jewelry as a new category under the Gravelli brand, thanks to which we can present the concrete again in a slightly different light, as an attractive fashion accessory.

The first collection of rings, earrings and cufflinks was relatively slim and contained only a few basic shapes. Despite this, it has managed to attract attention and attract customers from all over the world for several years.

The hidden value of these jewelry has been brought to our attention by customers. We were there when prospective newlyweds were choosing their wedding rings, we advised parents to choose their cufflinks for their son for graduation, invented an original gift for architects who took care of their new home, or also a cordial thank you for the doctor who operated on our customer’s heart and saved his life. Over the years, thanks to our customers, we have found that when you want to choose a special gift for others, the main prerequisite for success is not its high price but above all limited availability, one could also say uniqueness. Perhaps it is the way that we managed to create jewelry that evokes positive emotions in people from something seemingly ordinary as concrete.

Without enthusiasm, determination, diligence and love for what we do, we would never have done it. And perhaps it is the main idea that our jewelry can express. Concrete and steel are beautiful materials and look good together. However, we believe that the real added value is hidden behind all the energy behind their creation. 

In order to further expand this core idea and meaning of Gravelli concrete jewelry, we have expanded the original minimalist collection to include a wider range of women’s, men’s and unisex jewelry based on the same foundations. For better clarity we have created a separate website with ESHOP, in which they are clearly arranged in each category.

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