Our philosophy

When you say “concrete,” most people imagine heavy, coarse and cold materials that are mainly suitable for traditional construction. But at Gravelli, we see concrete in a different light. We are fully aware of its hidden potential and beauty. This is something we have been convincing our clients of as well since founding the company in 2012. We dare say with success.

Concrete is an elegant and timeless material that can be used not only in architecture but also as an original fashion accessory. We enjoy utilizing its incredible versatility and inexhaustible variety of surfaces, shades and shape solutions that can be achieved. Moreover, it combines perfectly with other natural materials. The result is a product that, thanks to its aura, can attract attention to itself throughout a space. That is why we believe in the viability of this material for concrete and we are glad that we can pass on our philosophy to you, our customers, co-workers and fans.

Production and Showroom

The original concept, back when we were making concrete in a small garage, has been transformed into a company with more than 20 employees and production facilities spanning three production halls over an area of over 2,000 m2. Our products have attracted the interest of architects and general consumers, and thanks to dozens of implemented projects they soon began to travel from the Czech Republic to abroad as well. Along with this, our team has grown, which along with the architects, designers and collaborating companies, is dealing with new challenges every day and discovering innovative new solutions for them.

The whole factory also serves as a showroom, where we like to present concrete and its possibilities to you. You can take a look at our people in action, get acquainted with the production process and the material itself and choose the right solution from our offer that best suits your imagination!

Products and Services

We can make almost anything from concrete, but we only select pieces for our Gravelli product collection that have some extra added value. These are objects that dominate a space and you can enjoy them not only visually, but also materially.

You will mainly fine concrete washbasins and concrete furniture designed both for normal households and public areas such as restaurants, hotels or office buildings in our product portfolio. Thanks to its properties, concrete is also suitable for outdoor use such as benches, garden solitaires or urban furniture elements. Our designs can also be appreciated in the form of home accessories and decorative items. We also have unique segments that consist of jewelry, which entails the processing of concrete and steel down to the finest detail, as well as concrete speakers, where we discovered the added value of concrete as a baffle material.

Custom production

Our standard product collection also serves as an inspiration to architects for how to work with concrete and develop it into other, often unexpected, possibilities. Thanks to such synergies, new, original products are created in custom orders. These include reception and bar counters, kitchen worktops, thin-walled relief tiles, as well as trophies and many other atypical products.

Samples of our concrete are available in dozens of material libraries around the world. However, we can also create new prototypes of tailor-made concrete. You can find inspiration in our projects section.

International competence

All Gravelli products are produced in our factory in the center of Prague, from where they reach our customers and architectural projects mainly in Europe. We place great emphasis on safe shipping and always pack our products so that they can be safely transported over long distances.

To provide you with the opportunity get to know our Gravelli products personally, we are constantly expanding the network of our international business partners. These are carefully selected showrooms where you can expect great customer service and service standards that we offer to our customers in the Czech Republic. In these showrooms, you can see various concrete samples and final products. You can use our dealer locator to find your nearest dealer.

Our team

People are the heart of the company. They are the base from which everything flows out of. The added value they add to products and services is passed on to you, our customers. We believe that a good working environment and team atmosphere are a prerequisite for creating quality products.

Our values

Our approach to work is reflected by the values that we adhere to:



The concept of our production is based on respect for the natural raw materials we use to prepare our concrete mixes. To produce technology-intensive products, we use only the finest, fresh raw materials. That is why we approach materials responsibly and try to avoid almost any waste in our production. In practice, this means that, for example, in the manufacture of larger products, we use the left-over material in smaller molds (such as concrete boxes and other accessories) and as a result, we are able to use the maximum of the prepared mass without having to throw away anything. Another example is board materials used in the manufacture of atypical products that serve for only one concreting. Our carpenters then transform this board material into protective shipping boxes in which the products are sent out into the world.

For several years now, Gravelli has been a proud partner of the SDGS Global Sustainable Development Goals.



Concrete is a unique material on account of what it can create. However, we know from the production process a number of factors that need to be taken into account so that each product leaves our workshop in the best condition. The concrete product looks almost like the final product the second day after it is removed from the mold, but to serve you well and in the long term, it has to undergo four weeks of maturing, abrasion and impregnation.

The combination of all these steps is what distinguishes ordinary concrete from Gravelli products. For concrete, it is generally not good to rush anything. For a better picture, our production can be compared to the production of champagne or Parma ham, which follow similar rules. The only difference is that it’s your eyes that will relish our products. Therefore, we follow all correct technological procedures with care and patience.



Our vision is to present concrete in surprising forms, pushing its boundaries and constantly introducing new solutions that can be used by architectural studios, designers and other creative entities from around the world. Without this setting, there would be no products such as light-transmitting concrete, a concrete piano for Petrof, fashionable concrete clothing collections and ultimately most of our portfolio.



Our products are timeless, not just fleeting trends. Therefore, most of them have a simple form. At the same time, we honor the natural phenomena of concrete, so that our products show all its apparent imperfections. The natural appearance of concrete is what makes our products original. All are designed to have good functionality while maintaining the naturalness of the material as much as possible. For example, in our concrete washbasins, we create an interior surface that is almost perfect, without bubbles, etc., and on the other hand, an original annealed texture is formed on the outside, including bubbles, small cracks and other phenomena. This is the beauty of concrete that cannot be imitated with other materials.

The design of our products is created to be timeless, simple and easy to learn in different project styles. From the industrial and rustic style to modernism and minimalism. However, concrete itself is a specific material and is not suitable for everyone. In our view, it is necessary to mature to the stage where one accepts the naturalness of concrete as a natural material, including that it will change over time and acquire its original patina.

Our partners

Without quality suppliers, creative people and enlightened customers, we wouldn’t have been able to build Gravelli into what it is today. Thank you for giving us your trust!