• We are Gravelli

    We give a soul to concrete. All our products originate in one place in Prague, Czech Republic. They are then used in architectural and design projects the world over.

  • Our story

    We are excited to discover new possibilities in the architecture and design world. Six years ago, we produced our first washbasin just in two people and a rented flat. Things have changed a lot since. Today our team has nearly twenty members and the production is divided into three large halls. Our work with concrete is clever, ecological and on the edge of the current technological possibilities. It’s not all about punk anymore. But love, hand care and a personal approach to everything we produce, that is what we still keep.

  • Our vision

    From the very beginning, we have been overcoming some poor perceptions of concrete and presenting it as modern, high-quality material with attractive properties. We love seeking new design solutions that work with an exceptional character and authenticity of concrete. We are proud to say that results of our production cannot be found in the same form and quality anywhere else in the world.

    • Jiří Peters


      As an engineer in the field, he looks after our technological activities, new mixtures and procedures. His methods change possibilities of concrete production and distinguish our products from others.

    • Ladislav Eberl


      He deals with trade and marketing, seeking new challenges to keep moving us forward and introduce our products the world over. He presents concrete as a modern, high-quality material with attractive properties.

    • Ladislav Jeřábek

      production foreman

      With twenty years of practice in the field, our concrete guru has the expertise to supervise the quality of each concrete batch we prepare at Gravelli. Thanks to him, we are confident our products always leave production in the best possible shape.

  • Our team

    Gravelli is not just a brand, it stands for everything we are – the creativity and devotion of the people who make it. Here are the ones who have been behind it since the very beginning.

  • Why Gravelli INNEX

    What is Gravelli for me? Jirka and Láďa, two unbelievable personalities with great energy and drive. Collaboration with Gravelli begins in 2013, when I lent a part of my Prague showroom to concrete furniture and accessories. To date, we have become the premium vendor of this brand, as confirmed by the extensive stock of all assortment of concrete furniture and accessories immediately available. Gravelli products have a soft spot in my heart, that’s why they have appeared in almost every of my projects and realizations.

    Pavel Pravda
    Showroom Owner

    Why Gravelli Bang & Olufsen

    At Bang & Olufsen, we deal with the sale of luxury audio and video technology. Timeless design and high quality are its main features. We also strive to apply these values to our points of sales. While rebuilding the showroom, we were looking for a new partner who shared our values and who was able to meet the requirements without fail. Thanks to its timeless design and unique material processing, Gravelli was a clear choice for us.

    Libor Hrbáček
    Business Manager
    Bang & Olufsen Prague

    Why Gravelli Ivanka Kowalski

    Many people still distrust concrete and think it fits only to industrial interiors. Quite the contrary! I enjoy the contrast of the concrete’s roughness and the nobleness of materials such as marble or brass. A luxury is then not superficial. Precisely crafted concrete elements are perfectly suited to very luxurious interiors. And that is exactly what Gravelli offers!

    Ivanka Kowalski
    Interior Designer

    Why Gravelli Dagmar Štěpánová

    Gravelli is a safe bet for me. Their approach is professional and their products are charming. In the interior projects I design, concrete elements look outstanding. I also appreciate an individual approach to every project and kind attitude towards atypical solutions of standard products, such as the SLANT 06 basin tailor made in the required size for the Loft Hřebenky project.

    Ing. arch. Dagmar Štěpánová

    Why Gravelli Art Event Gallery Černá labuť

    If all the managers here were like boys from Gravelli – friendly, open-minded professionals with a vision – the Czech Republic would be a world superpower No. 1.

    Danuše Siering
    Developer and Gallery Owner
    Art Event Gallery Černá labuť

    Why Gravelli Preciosa Lighting

    As a creative team of Preciosa Lighting, we have chosen to show the beauty of crystals in motion on a principle of four basic earth elements. Crystal Automata is a unique concept combining moving glass elements, light effects and impeccable use of materials. It was while thinking about a material shaping, when the idea to cooperate with Gravelli originated. Gravelli has then supplied monolithic black concrete bowls, which have become an integral part of all concepts – water, earth, air and fire – and perfectly highlighted the overall perception of Crystal Automata project.

    Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug
    Creative Directors, Designers
    Preciosa Lighting

    Why Gravelli Petr Šimůnek

    I have never imagined concrete making me that happy. Concrete, I had thought, is just gray and boring. Till I met boys from Gravelli. Since then, the equation concrete = boring has not worked at all for me. Since then, concrete = idea, concrete = beauty, concrete = originality. So now I have a plenty of their products at home. And they make me happy! :)

    Petr Šimůnek
    Forbes Czechia

    Why Gravelli Hokej Charity Golf Cup

    When it comes to boys from Gravelli, I have a lot to thank for their cooperation at the Charity Golf Cup project. As the general partner, they always design and give us original concrete trophies for the winners. Their cooperation, as well as their products, reaches the top level. I am really glad they regularly support our help for seriously injured athletes.

    Jiří Vykoukal
    Ice Hockey Player, Entrepreneur
    Founder of Hokej Charity Golf Cup

    Why Gravelli Zdenek's Oyster Bar

    Since last year, we have been connecting the traditional concept of oysters and champagne with local raw materials and leading Czech design brands. For our new menu, we invited Gravelli to create a special collection of tailor made plates. And that cooperation has inspired us – their work with concrete is very similar to ours in a kitchen. A careful selection of quality raw materials, personal approach and care for each piece of concrete, the emphasizes on detail and high level of final product and service – that is what we both share.

    Jiří Nosek
    Zdenek's Oyster Bar

    Why Gravelli NoLimits Architects

    When creating the interior of our own studio, we used one of Gravelli washbasins. We want our clients to be able to see our favorite brands and their extraordinary products, because these are the brands we like to work with also in our designs. And Gravelli of course belongs to them.

    Tereza Ježková
    NoLimits Architects

    Why Gravelli Lukáš Dvořák

    Gravelli is the unique reflection of Ladislav Eberl and Jiří Peters. It is the enthusiasm and the unreal desire to create unseen. It is the quality, precision and technology that creates an extraordinary style. It is the naturality and time game, that allow perfect work to be created.

    Lukáš Dvořák
    • Forbes

      February 2017

      A story about how Jiří & Ladislav turn concrete into a sexy material for the whole world.

      “… In the Czech Republic, you won’t find anybody destroying the idea about limits of concrete better than this duo. Their story will take your breath away…”

    • MF DNES – Citylife

      May/June 2014

      Beton is sexy, trio of Gravelli designers says.

      “… and they present it as an exceptional and strong material with a distinctive character – similar to the character of their very own clients…”

    • Dolce Vita

      June 2014

      A team of creative entrepreneurs and designers with their energic brand Gravelli reveals a beauty of concrete.

      “… Furniture, lighting, loudspeakers or jewelry… through them the brand gives a life to a seemingly cold and unattractive material…”

    • ArchiExpo e-magazine

      July 2017

      A journalist Joann Plockova shares experiences from her visit in Gravelli Showroom.

      “… Inside one of them, Gravelli – a local brand with global reach – makes everything from furniture to washbasins to jewelry, all from concrete…”

    • Forbes online

      November 2017

      The story about the craziest idea of Gravelli. Concrete shoehorn.

      “… Most probably, you don’t need it at all… But it doesn’t matter. Because you want something extraordinary, that no one else has. Something that makes you happy every day…”

    • idnes.cz

      May 2014

      Concrete punks. Three Czechs famous thanks to their ingenious yet easy idea.

      “…”We are trying to do something unique. It’s not about fun for just a few people around Prague”…”

    • Czech Innovation 2013


      Gravelli's win in Česká inovace (Czech Innovation) contest as the best achievement of 2013.

      Award winning project – LiCrete®, building concrete that transmits light. A grid of solid plexiglass together with a high-quality concrete.

    • The Idea of the Year 2013


      Gravelli's win in the sixth year of Nápad roku (The Idea of the Year) contest.

      Award winnig project – LiCrete®, building material as a brand new option for architecture and design. As one of the very few in the world, it is both carrying and light transmitting at the same time.

    • The Packaging of the Year 2017


      Gravelli's win in Obal roku (The Packaging of the Year) contest in the Gift packaging category.

      Award winning project – concrete gift boxes for a jewellery collection. An original packaging with a minimalistic design, hand made from the same material as a jewel inside.

    • Forbes – 30 under 30

      February 2015

      You hardly get to the level of these thirty Czechs under 30 years old.

      "...They met at a casting for commercial and now they own two companies – Gravelli and LiCrete®…”

    • Design&Home

      September 2014

      Gravelli products as an inspiration for home and lifestyle in Design&Home magazine.

      Concrete inspiration on several pages full of pictures in a major Czech magazine for architecture and design.

    • Czechdesign.cz

      July 2015

      50 shades of Gravelli – an exhibition in the newly opened Art & Event Gallery Černá labuť.

      “…Is concrete supposed to be a boring material? No way! If you think so, a young Czech company Gravelli proves you wrong…”

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  • Bang & Olufsen

    For a Danish audio-visual technology brand, we've designed and made its Prague showroom's equipment and concrete components for several iconic B&O products.


    We have designed and produced several large-format concrete bowls for a leading Czech glass maker. The Crystal Automata project, which was introduced at a design trade fair in Milan, is now a part of an installation at the Prague Preciosa showroom.


    We furnished offices and Prague showroom of an Italian producer of creative papers with concrete tables, basins, benches, and other interior objects.


    For an iconic manufacturer of sports car, we have made a series of interior accessories to the occasion of launching a new version of Porsche Panamera.

    Kuhn Rikon

    For a Swiss kitchen appliance manufacturer, we have designed and produced concrete components for their premium pots collection.


    This premium Czech restaurant network is equipped with Gravelli products. Concrete tables, bar counters and other objects are in several restaurants in Prague's centre, e.g. Brasileiro or Bokovka winery.

    Red Bull

    With a favorite energy drink producer, we have been cooperating on a regular basis as a designer and producer of original trophies for his sport tournaments.


    We have designed and produced an original concrete sculpture to a hairdressing academy, which is the flagship of the leading European hairdressers.


    For a luxury residential projects developer, we have equipped one of his showrooms in Holešovice, Prague.


    As a part of the long-term cooperation with PSN (Prague Real Estate Administration), we have made interior elements for the famous Dancing House or participated in the exclusive Vanguard residential project.


    For this developer, we have equipped a model loft in Sacre Coeur2 Residence with an atypical washbasin and outdoor solitaires at the exteriors.

    ZURI Zanzibar

    In the luxurious resort in Zanzibar we have been involved in design and production of interior elements for more than sixty bungalows.

  • Tomáš Vacek's Design

    Tomáš is the main Gravelli designer. Without him, we cannot imagine a development of a new product or project.


    Tomáš Vacek's Design

    He’s been linked to the brand since its beginning. He is the author of the design of most Gravelli products including bespoke projects.


    Tomáš Vacek's Design

    Thanks to him, our concrete gets the right character – original shape and the unmistakable minimalist design, which highlight all unique features of the material.


    Tomáš Vacek's Design

    LiCrete Tube – a lamp made of transparent concrete


    Tomáš Vacek's Design

    Knife made of concrete and damascus steel


    Tomáš Vacek's Design

    Shoehorn made of concrete and carbon


    Tomáš Vacek's Design

    Airsteel – a set of three coffee tables


    Tomáš Vacek's Design

    Nixie tube clock (in cooperation with Dalibor Farný)


    Tomáš Vacek's Design

    Throphy for Toastmasters in the shape of a microphone


    Tomáš Vacek's Design

    Concrete ring Simple Wood


    Tomáš Vacek's Design

    Table Lorikeet and concrete Bowls

  • Concrete 2.0 is: Light

    It is fibre-reinforced
    and has reduced weight.

    Concrete 2.0

    Concrete 2.0 is: Waterproof

    It has good surface impregnation,
    it is liquid-proof.

    Concrete 2.0

    Concrete 2.0 is: Smooth

    It is pleasant to the touch
    and has a manually finished surface.

    Concrete 2.0

    Concrete 2.0 is: UV stable

    It is suitable for exteriors
    and has stable colours.

    Concrete 2.0

    Concrete 2.0 is: Eco

    While its production, minimum waste is produced.
    It respects raw materials.

    Concrete 2.0

    Concrete 2.0 is: Authentic

    Every piece is an original.
    Its apperance is natural.

    Concrete 2.0